One of the best Online Tax Lodgment Site which is launched recently and is approved by ATO. This is built in such a way to provide the best user experience in all aspects and works well with all kind of browsers. The website very clear and doesn’t contain any kind of bloatware or something which disturbs you from filing your taxes.

The developer has made easier steps and procedure in lodging your tax just to save your precious time. To lodge your taxes you don’t need to download any software nor registration required all you’ve to do is hit the link create an account with strong password. There after few simple steps where you need to provide your personal and tax information then you are done with it. Your application will be reviewed by the qualified tax accountant before submitting it to ATO. All the information provided by you will be validated by tax accountant to make it error free and if any changes required the application will be edited for quality purpose and they’ll keep you informed about that.

In case of any queries or issues you can contact the tax accountant easily using the live chat option and they’ll get back to you soon. 

As per review the overall process will not exceed more than 20 minutes. The required documents are as follows – Bank account details , pay slips, invoice bills, bank receipt or statements. All these should be attached where required and they’ll mail you all these documents back. You need to store any data or records all the information will be saved while you lodging your tax and you can continue where you left. 

They will provide few best tax lodging tips to get maximum regund on the taxes you own. The main aim is to obtain you the maximum possible refund. There is no transfer or moving information to any other source. The refund will be deposited directly to your bank account in around 14 working days.

All the tax service fee are tax deduction and it’s affordable too as of now no other service provider can go with this price package. You can make the payment using PayPal account or by your credit card. The invoice will be forwarded to your registered mail ID. 

Visit the site you will get lot more clarity about the service under the menu you can go through ‘How To’ section for lodging your tax with DoMyTaxOnline and lot more.

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Online Tax Lodgement

It is the time of the year where you have to file your tax returns. But you would rather be doing something you like than going through the stress of filing your tax returns. While you can lodge your tax online for free on the ATO’s MyTax website, there is no help or expert tax advice available when you need it most. You may end up spending more time frustrated, while not getting the maximum refund you might be eligible for. You do not have to go through the process of booking appointments with your tax agent and waste your time travelling to the agent’s office. Lodge your tax through where our experienced tax agents will help you complete your tax returns by answering all your questions and guiding you to achieve maximum refund online. Lodge your tax online from the comfort of your home at your convenience using our simple and intuitive website. Chat with our friendly tax agent available online to guide you complete your tax returns with ease helping you to get back to things you love doing most.

Visit to get started now.

How to lodge your tax using online website for Tax Lodgement

If you are looking for an Online Tax Lodgement Service to lodge your taxes this year then here is the new upcoming Online Tax Lodgement site for Australians.

– Account Creation 

Visit in order to lodge your taxes and you need to create an account for that you need to provide correct mail address while signing in to DoMyTaxOnline since you need to verify your mail address sent by our team without verifying you can’t move further.

Once you are completed with creating the account then you need to provide your TFN number, first name, family name contact number these are the basic requirements from you using these the site will try to fetch information by ATO if available and you double check all the entries since all the information from ATO may not be accurate. Once entered all those information a small confirmation window will appear click on ‘OK’ if correct.

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– Personal Info


You need to provide maximum information from your side which helps the tax accountants to review your tax return application smoothly and you can’t leave the fields blank which are marked with star(*) i.e mandatory: TFN number, first and last name, family name, contact number, Date Of Birth, mail address, postal and current address, bank account details these are most important fields which needs to be filled by the tax payer that is you. Once you enter all your personal details make sure that the entries made by you are correct.

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– Income


You get to see the list of items from income section and you can choose one which is applicable to you. You need to provide the necessary details under the selected item, In this they have show for salary/wages and filled it . You can select multiple option related to your income source just by clicking on the toggle button on the corner the selected item will be added to your list as your income but you need to provide the necessary details under that item. Attach PAYG summaries, bank receipts etc. You can’t skip any of your income since all information about you will be on track by ATO so don’t miss any of your income, bank receipts.

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– Deductions


Select the deduction which you want to claim and add that, you can select multiple items. But you need to provide justification/explanation for your claiming amount for each selected item. You need to provide proof for claiming on your tax return like invoice receipts, bank receipts, PAYG slips etc. You can any item which you wish to claim from your deductions. But remember you cannot claim your medical levy from your deductions. Make sure that you have added all your deductions of the year since this helps to get you the refund under some category. The accountants of the DoMyTaxOnline will help you by providing few best tax lodgement tips using those you can increase chance of getting maximum refund.

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– Spouse 


If you are married during the tax lodgement year do enter your spouse details also which includes: first and last name, DOB, spouse income, married date etc.

If not you can click on ‘No’ button. Skip this only if you are not married or else you need to enter the required information about your spouse if she is earning.

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– Medicare


Enter medicare details during the year and number of dependent children or student. Any medicare surcharge did during the year. Enter the details which is applicable/relevant to you. This deductions cannot be claimed. If you have any private health insurance details do enter that also: Membership no, card no, health insurance ID etc. This is about the medical expenses made during the year for any of your family member. The insurance card details is to claim some amount of money on the expenses you made on hospital for that you need to attach receipts given from hospital.

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This is the final step here you can see all the gross taxable income, total offsets and credits subtracted. Your deductions, total income, medicare levy, claimed tax etc. At the bottom your estimated tax refund amount from the ATO of the year will be displayed. After checking all the details you can move to the payment section. This is the dynamically calculated estimated tax of the year in case of any information gap do review all the information provided by you. You can contact the accountants of DoMyTaxOnline for any clarity.

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This tax season lodge your tax with DoMyTaxOnline and get best tax filing tips and maximum possible refund on the taxes you owe from ATO.

Online Tax Logement Australia

Every year at the month of June all have to Lodge your taxes for the year at this time most of the people will get into the confusion whether tax can be lodged by themselves or they’ve to go in search of a tax agent but this tax season I’ll promise that all can lodge their tax themselves without anyone’s help.

The new up coming online tax lodgement service  for Australians on this tax season. The whole new features and the site is user friendly which works well on all kind of browser, no application or software needed to Lodge your tax with your PC, laptop or on smart phone being anywhere if you’ve the internet access. The overall tax lodgement can be done in not more than 20 minutes. consists of expert and qualified tax accountants who review your tax application for better improvements and to make it error free. No additional charges or processing fee all the tax service fee are tax deductible and you don’t need to pay any extra amount for the service.

This site comes with three different packages and you can choose one which is relevant to you. You can contact their tax accountant anytime if you’ve got any issues in filing your tax. You can use live chat option or mail them to and the tax accountant will get back to you within couple of hours.

The overall process will be taken place inside and all your information and attached documents will be safe and they even mail you all the documents, receipts, voicemail to the registered mail address.

Once the application is reviewed by the tax accountant it’ll be forwarded directly to ATO. If you owe any refund on your taxes it’ll be directly deposited to your mail account from ATO. The refund will be deposited to your bank account in around 14 working days.


New Tax Lodgement Website

Worried about lengthy process and additional paper works, this tax season lodge your tax with  you don’t need any software nor paper work. This site has been built in order to reduce the tax lodgement time for tax payers. This helps you to lodge your tax in 15 to 30 minutes .You just provide the necessary information from your side being a tax payer and rest will be handled by our qualified tax agents, they work on behalf of you to get the maximum possible refund.

This is approved by ATO and has got qualified tax accountants who review your application for better improvement and our service fee are tax deductible. Simple and straight pricing for lodgement with three different packages and you can choose any based on your income. No ads or lengthy T&C which consumes much of your time, it simple and easy to access. You can use live chat option to contact our tax accountants if any help needed.

We help you in each step in the overall tax lodgement process our tax accountants will be there for you. If you want to know how to lodge your tax in DoMyTaxOnline you go through our ‘How To‘ section for better idea. You can mail us at  if you have any issues. We are here to provide you a fast and easy affordable system to lodge your tax return.

Do your tax return at $0 upfront cost and service fee are tax deductible. You don’t need any software or appointment to lodge your tax and you can lodge it using your PC, laptop, apple Macintosh etc. After the lodgement sit back and relax our tax accountants will review your application before submitting it to ATO. We’ll discuss with you if any changes made on your application for maximum tax refund. The reviewed application will be submitted directly to ATO.

All the receipts, invoice bill will be sent to your mail address so that you don’t need to store anything. The refund will be deposited to your bank account and tax return invoice will be sent to your mail address. You may get your tax refund in around 14 working days.

Tax Return

Do you have a PAYG, health insurance statement or work-related receipts? You can just attach your documents in the relevant section of your . An accountant will check them later and make sure they are entered correctly on your return. These clear document will help you to get maximum refund and even it gives clear details of your deductions. So make sure you have gathered all the necessary documents before lodging you tax return. works even on all smart devices and you don’t need to download software. Just click the URL create an account and enter all the necessary information and you can do it being anywhere if you have internet access. This website is user friendly and functions well on all kind of browser. You can lodge your tax return without depending on anyone, while lodging tax yourself if you got confusion you are free to ask our tax accountants using the live chat option or you can mail us at All the receipts and invoice bills will be sent to your mail address and your data will be stored with us, so you don’t need to keep track of paper receipts and you won’t miss a tax deduction ever again.

If something goes wrong while lodging you tax and you didn’t noticed that before submitting to us, no worries you can still correct them by letting us know about the errors through mail and our tax accountants will correct them. Our tax accountant will fill the missed fields by you in your tax return and if needed they’ll contact you through phone call. Still having trouble? You don’t need to worry about correcting them and we’re here to help you. We try to improve the application to get you the advantage of getting more tax refund.

After you lodging your tax return, a qualified accountant will check it, answer your questions and contact you to clarify details if needed (it’s all part of our tax agent service, included in the low tax deductible fee for You need to make the payment on the chosen package.

Next, they will lodge your return electronically at the ATO to get your refund by the fastest possible method. The refund will be deposited to your bank account in around 14 days , receipt and invoice will be sent to your mail address.

Online Tax Lodgement is ATO approved tax lodgement site which is easy, fast and accurate. There are more tax lodgement sites are exist which Australian Taxation Office will suggest. The DoMyTaxOnline is newly built website which is user friendly and simple. The taxpayers can lodge their tax in around 30 minutes being anywhere, no need to download any software not any appointment needed to lodge your tax return just visit DoMyTaxOnline website create an account enter your personal information, bank account details, income source along with the PAYG slips and bank statements, deductions made during the year, spouse details(If married), other income items and in the review window see all your entries on tax offset subtracted from your income. We will calculate the tax you owe for the day and the maximum possible refund from your tax return.

In order to get maximum refund you need to submit all the receipts, slips, deduction invoice which should support your expenses. So you need to document all those slips and invoices. The application will be reviewed by our qualified tax accountant for better improvement and error free. You need to give the maximum information from your side being a tax payer. If anything feels confusing or issues you are free to contact us through live chat or mail us at Our tax accountants will get back to you. You can leave the fields are irrelevant to you. The website is built to provide an easy and fast access for the tax payer without consuming much of their time. If any changes made on your application will be discussed with you before submitting it to ATO. We provide best tax lodgement tips to get maximum refund.

After submitting your application to us sit back and relax. Once the application is reviewed by our tax accountant it will be submitted to ATO. If you owe any refund from your tax return it’ll directly deposited to your bank account in around 14 working days. Our tax service fee are tax deductible and you can pay using your credit/debit card or even from PayPal account. The payment will be depending on the package you chosen and the payment confirmation message will be displayed on the side. The receipt with transaction ID will be sent to your mail address. Even the tax lodgement invoice will be sent to your mail address.